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Yoga in Puerto Vallarta

Yoga in Puerto Vallarta Yoga has become very popular in the United States, Canada and Mexico. This continent may love its variety of food, spices and special drinks but health has been on an uptrend

Sea Turtles in Puerto Vallarta

Sea Turtles June to December The season for baby turtle release is coming to an end in Puerto Vallarta. If you haven’t had the opportunity, there are still many chances. Several locations exist up and

Want to help the community?

Blood Donations in Puerto Vallarta It’s time to talk about donating blood again. We try to go over this subject occasionally to update those unfamiliar with procedures of donating blood in Puerto Vallarta. All types

Potholes Keep the Economy Going in Puerto Vallarta

Potholes Keep the Economy Going Sometimes the potholes in Puerto Vallarta are so big, we are afraid to drive over them, lest we disappear into their black depths. The big ones, however, are outnumbered by

Who’s Changing Mexico?

Who’s Changing Mexico? As we watch Puerto Vallarta continue to grow on an annual basis, it’s clear, there are people moving here from all over the world. There’s no doubt as to where they are

Souvenirs from Puerto Vallarta

Souvenirs from Puerto Vallarta There’s no reason to be stumped when shopping for souvenirs in Puerto Vallarta; there’s something for everyone. Check out your hometown Starbucks and you’ll find some of the best coffee in

Oh, Honey… in Puerto Vallarta

Honey in Puerto Vallarta There’s some good honey to be found in Puerto Vallarta. Vendors at the Farmer’s Markets have abundant supplies of the real stuff. We love it and couldn’t have our tea without

Charros Mexicanos

The Mexican Rodeo The National Charro Championship in Puerto Vallarta will begin this year on Saturday, March 7th with closing ceremonies on Tuesday March 10th. It’s an exciting event that the city takes a lot

Welcome to Zona Romantica the gayborhood

Puerto Vallarta Gayborhood Puerto Vallarta has been a gay tourist destination for decades. In 2017 Puerto Vallarta became the first Gay Travel Approved® city in Mexico. We have long been aware that Zona Romantica is

Beach Vendors in Puerto Vallarta

Beach Vendors One of the first places tourists go in Puerto Vallarta is the beach. In need of a cocktail and beautiful sunset after a long airplane ride and getting settled in hotels or guest

Public art in puerto vallarta

Public Art in Puerto Vallarta Parque Lazaro Cardenas has been declared an historical site due to its truly incredible mosaic artwork, the result of community contributions of time and material, and the amazing leadership of

The formality of Mexico

The Formality of Mexico –  Mexicans are not afraid to show respect. Young people in Puerto Vallarta address their elders with Señor and Señora, Don and Doña. Upon entering a room where family are gathered,

Mexifacts: Sobre las Olas – the mexican Waltz

The Mexican Waltz One of the most famous waltzes of all time is Sobre las olas, which translates to “Over the Waves.” This waltz is often attributed to Johann Strauss ll, considered the “Waltz King”

Should we drink the water in mexico?

Should We Drink the Water? Besides being a personal choice, the debate over drinking water in Puerto Vallarta is one that resembles something like a double side sword. After living here for decades, going back

A Tip about Tipping in Mexico

Here’s a Tip There are always questions about tipping in Puerto Vallarta and it took us some time to learn the ins and outs, so we don’t mind friends asking questions. It’s certainly better to

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