Souvenirs from Puerto Vallarta

Souvenirs from Puerto Vallarta

There’s no reason to be stumped when shopping for souvenirs in Puerto Vallarta; there’s something for everyone. Check out your hometown Starbucks and you’ll find some of the best coffee in the world comes from Mexico. You can pack home a gift for your favorite coffee drinker; whole or ground beans. Though much of the coffee that comes from Mexico is from Veracruz, Oaxaca and Chiapas, we do have our own local markets that receive a lot of praise. To name a few: Café Catedral, El Fortin, Café Oro Verde, San Sebastián del Oeste.

Doña Maria is a great brand of mole paste and super convenient, but if you want something more authentic, check out our neighborhood markets. You will find more than fresh produce in colonias like Palmar de Aramara, Emiliano Zapata, and the tiangues (flea markets) You can pick up incredible mole paste; fresh and made locally. They will also have ground mole powder; try your hand at making your mole at home!

A molinillo is a cooking utensil found in any authentic Mexican kitchen. It’s used to make stove-top hot chocolate from scratch (the best way). More than an implement for cooking, molinillos are works of art. We also recommend wooden spatulas and spoons, and love those with burnt carvings that over time take on a beautiful patina.

To go with your molinillo (pronounced mo-lin-ee-oh), don’t forget to buy real artisanal chocolate, another main product of Mexico, in powder or block form. The variety of options and flavors is plentiful and gives inspiration to the adventurous cook.

Vanilla is a must for yourself and as a gift, available everywhere, including pharmacies and the airport. We buy the small (4 – 8 ounces) bottles that give less danger of leakage in a suitcase.  Add a bit to your hot chocolate for true genuine taste.

One of the biggest hits bringing back mementos from Puerto Vallarta are the Lucha Libre masks. The original El Santo, one of the most famous masked luchadores in Mexico is available, as well as current wrestlers such as Shocker and Rey Mysterio. It’s a great Halloween or masquerade costume and they come in adult and kids sizes, available at the Mercado Municipal, the main tourist market in the middle of town.

Whether it’s a large platter or a small butter dish, hand crafted pottery is a sure bet to make someone smile. Our store with the largest inventory is certainly Mundo de Azulejos, however there are smaller boutiques everywhere in Puerto Vallarta where you can find good quality ceramics, tiles and glassware.

Textiles from scarves and pullovers, to rugs and linen are big favorites. A beautiful woven piece of art made in Mexico and purchased in Puerto Vallarta can be displayed and used for generations to come.

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